Childhood (noun)- 

Where the opposite sex had cooties, pokemon was life, a kiss made the pain go away, the ice-cream man was god, green veggies were the devil, finger painting and nap-time went hand in hand. Childhood was easy and fun. (definition from Urbdan Dictionary.)


While today it might mean nothing, tomorrow your whole world could change, so these are the moments that matter, the same moments we forget all too soon, but wish we could remember forever! Be it the cheeky grin of your toddler, the quiet of your sleeping newborn, with all their fingers and toes which you've waited nine months to see, or the not so quiet of your kids running through the park. It's these things, these moments that make us who we are.


A session with us is all about having fun, and about capturing the love you have for each other. We won't ask you to sit still and hold stiff poses, instead we will run, play and laugh all while capturing the true uniqueness of your kids as they are at this stage in their life. Then we will meet with you and help you plan how to decorate your home with these memories, so that every day you can walk by those images and relieve these moments. 

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