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Everything you need to know about a newborn session with us at Accent Photography

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Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. I can’t wait to meet them and to capture this fleeting time in your families life. Enjoy them while they are small, as they won’t stay this way for long. I love photographing newborns (and of course getting a few baby cuddles as part of the deal).

I love to create a piece of art, so our clients can cherish every part and moment of their newborn - from their squishy lips, and soft wisps of hair, to their tiny hands and feet. In years to come, our hope is that these images will take you back to the days when your newborn was small enough to fit snuggly in your arms, and the days when you rocked them to sleep against your chest.


Thanks so much for considering a newborn session with us. I have put together this website to provide you with everything you need to know about having a photoshoot here at Accent Photography. So grab a drink and have a scroll around. However should you have any questions or are finding it difficult to find some information please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give me a call, I'd love to chat. Our phone numbers are 09 298 0979, or 021 298 2344. I cannot wait to meet your little one once they arrive and to come and photograph your whole family.

Newborn safety is something we take incredibly seriously. So much so that you can see I have undertaken a course to prove I am a newborn safe photographer through the New Zealand Institute of photography. I also hold a current first aid certificate, and regularly attend courses in newborn photography. Your baby will not be placed in any props or poses that are unsafe for baby to do, and some of our shots involve a level of photoshop magic to achieve the look while ensuring baby is safe and comfortable at all times.

If at any stage you are unsure of what we are doing and uncomfortable with anything, please do speak up during the session so that we can explain it to you, or stop it. The session should be a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone and I can promise that you are all in safe hands.

frequently asked questions

We love to book our newborn clients while mum is still pregnant so now would be a fabulous time to book if you'd like to. Because we obviously don't know exactly when the baby will arrive we take note of your due date and then pencil book some options within the next two weeks following that. Once baby is here, you just get in touch and we can firm up a time for the photoshoot. Already had your baby? No problem, just get in touch and we will fit you in as soon as we can.

Our newborn session takes place in your home. I will bring an assortment of props and backgrounds with us and find the perfect place to set up. Our aim is to make these sessions as simple and painless for you as possible. I totally understand that having a newborn is all-consuming, so there is no need to add the stress of having to get packed up and leave the house for a strange environment. I also find that older siblings are much more comfortable in their own home and are able to go and play with their toys etc until we are ready for the full family to get involved and have their photos, with the baby.

The golden rule of newborn photography: babies are unpredictable! At just a few days old, a regular feeding, sleeping, and potty schedule is out of the question. I understand this, and as a result, block out roughly a 3 hour period for our newborn sessions. Although we have our bag of tricks to make the process efficient and fun for everyone, it really all comes down to how baby’s feeling.

Most of our newborns are photographed either naked or wrapped in one of our many wraps and blankets. Therefore baby does not need any special outfit for their photoshoot. We ask that you dress baby in a zip-up onesie with just a nappy underneath before your photo session. Please do not put any singlets or anything else underneath the onesie. We do not want to have to remove clothes over the babies head and unsettle them.

If you have a special outfit you'd like baby photographed in I are more than happy to do this and ask that you have it nearby. I will send out a questionnaire before your photo session and will ask if there is anything you wish to have included so please do let us know in this.

When it comes time to the family photos, we like our families to be dressed in similar tones. E.G. All light or all dark. We want to avoid mum in a light top and dad in a dark, as you eye will always be drawn to the lighter tone. We also advise our parents to avoid anything with big logos on it. I will cover what to wear in more detail when we have a consult before your session - also the joy of being in your home means we can easily access your wardrobe for a quick change and are happy to go through it with you before the session to help you pick out the perfect outfits.

I love to photograph the whole family, including any fur babies. I am also more than happy for grandparents to come along. If grandparents are going to be there we will ask that they arrive nearer the end of the session in order to avoid too many distractions while I am photographing baby by themselves. Our session price includes photos of the baby by themselves, as well as photos of the whole family together. There is no additional charge to add extra people (within reason).

Our session fee includes a pre-session phone consult, the photoshoot at your place, an in-person viewing and ordering appointment following the session, and $100 product credit to get you started.

Once your photos are ready to show you, I will arrange a time to come and do the viewing and ordering appointment. At this time I will bring all of the photos on an iPad with special software for you to view and select your favourites. I can even show you what your favourites would look like printed and framed on the wall.  I know having the digital files is really important for our clients, but so is printing your images. We want you to be able to view and share these photos for many years, and unfortunately, digital files are just not archival, like a print is - therefore we have created our "create a collection". This gets you the best of both worlds and ensures you walk away with EVERY image from your session. You can view more about our products and pricing here. And remember no matter what you decide you have your $100 credit, and there is no pressure to purchase anything more unless you want to.

Should you wish to book a session, we will go over all the costs and answer as many questions as you have at the pre-session consult. You will be emailed the full product guide before you confirm your booking. I am a big believer in being open and honest about cost - I do not like price surprises when I am shopping, so don't wish for that to happen to you either. Fun surprises on the other hand are a completely different story and you never know we may have a couple of those up our sleeves.

I know you are eager to see the images from your session and will do my best to get them to you as quickly as possible. I re-touch each individual image to ensure its perfect so this does take some time. Generally around 2-4 weeks following your session I will have your images ready to show you at your ordering appointment. I know waiting this long can be hard, and we also can't wait to share your photos, so please do keep an eye on our facebook and Instagram pages for sneak peek in the few days after your session.

The ordering of your images is done at the viewing appointment following your session. It is important that all decision-makers are present at this appointment as the product credit included in your session fee is only valid for this date. Should grandparents or aunts and uncles wish to order images after the viewing and ordering appointment we are happy to create an online website that they can order through. Of course if you order our create a collection and get all of the images from your session, then you can just share these with the extended family at no additional charge.

ensuring photoshoot success

Day before the session

  • Don’t schedule vaccinations the day before your session!
  • If you are breastfeeding don’t try any new foods, and avoid anything gassy that might upset baby’s tummy
  • If you can tire baby out with stimulating activities so they will want to sleep the next day

Day of the session

  • Dress baby in a loose zip up onesie, with nothing on underneath except a nappy. Don’t put singlets etc that need to be removed over the babies head as this will unsettle them. Add blankets on top if they are cold.
  • Try and keep baby awake at least 90 min. prior to the session, ideally we want them nice and sleepy for their photos.
  • Once we arrive and are setting up, feed baby until they are completely full
  • Ensure the diaper or any clothing isn’t strapped on too tightly to avoid red marks, and avoid using nappy cream, talcum powder or oily moisturiser just before the session.
  • If you have any outfits or props you'd like included in the photoshoot, please lay them out somewhere accessible and let us know when we arrive.

During the session

  • Crank up the heat! It should feel like a sauna in there for us. Mum and Dad should dress in layers for the heated room
  • If you use a dummy or pacifier please keep it nearby. If you don’t, don’t worry about it. We will only give baby back to mum for family photos and for a top up feed if they need it. Ideally we don’t want them to smell your milk
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy the photo experience. Feel free to use the time to catch up on jobs or take a nap if you wish.

The best time for your maternity photos to be taken is 30-36 weeks of pregnancy. Right when your tummy is nice and big but before most early arrivals. Your partner and the baby’s siblings are more than welcome to join you for these special photos. Photoshoots can take place at any outdoor location of your choice anywhere between Manukau and Franklin.

Add a maternity session to any booked newborn session for only $200. This includes the session at a location of your choice and all the digital files provided as an online gallery that you can download, share and print yourself. Minimum of 15 images provided.

join our grow with me club

One year old is a milestone. You made it! Little ones change so much during their first year and it passes in such a whirlwind, so let us document it all for you. Everyone of our newborn sessions has the option to join our grow with me club for only $100.

This includes 2 sessions during the first year of life - sitting up (approx. 6-7months) and standing up (1-year). It also includes a complimentary family session that can be used anytime in their second year. The 1 year photoshoot includes a "cake smash". We document your baby enjoying his / her birthday cake with messy, good fun, giving you memories that will last a lifetime, and finish the whole thing off with a super cute bubble bath.

Prints and products can be purchased from each session if you wish to. As a grow with me club member you are also eligible for complimentary year-end incentive gifts, special grow with me only products and friends for life discount pricing on all future sessions.

why digital files aren't as cool as people think

We all love having the digital files to share with our family and friends and they are great, but they're nowhere near as good as a printed image. Think back to the days of floppy disks and even CDs, can you open the files you had stored on them, can you even find them? The answer to these questions is of course unlikely.

When my grandmother passed away we spent plenty of time as a family going through the old photo albums and reminiscing about the memories they had captured. Had she not got printed images there is no way I would have been able to view her wedding images, or even see family photos from back when I was a baby. So please I am begging you print your photos, put them on the wall, add them to a photo album, let them be around for when you're grandkids and great-grandkids are remembering their own family history.

"I'll print them one day"

We hear this often from our clients, but then life gets busy and you just never get around it - so let us take this stress out of your lives and take care of it for you.
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